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Barron’s says, “Litman Gregory has been long known for its ability to choose top-notch money managers to manage portions of its mutual funds. Its newest fund focuses on alternative strategies.” Barrons.com Sarah Max 08/08/15
TheStreet.com Video: Litman Gregory's Steve Savage Discusses the Alt Fund Sharpe Ratio, Up- and Down-Market Performance, and Sub-Advisor Picks. TheStreet.com Gregg Greenberg 06/23/14
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"This fund is still a superior option for investors who are seeking a distinctive foreign large-cap offering," Morningstar says of the International Fund, "[Gregory and DeGroot] specialize in overseeing multimanager funds, and their oversight has led to great long-term results here." Morningstar.com William Samuel Rocco 01/29/13
"The [International Fund] has all the makings of a superior stand-alone foreign offering," Morningstar says. Morningstar.com William Samuel Rocco 04/26/12
Litman Gregory Masters International Fund "Remains broader and better than most of its rivals," says Morningstar. Morningstar.com William Samuel Rocco 09/09/11
Morningstar says Masters' Select International is "distinctive" and "has thrived in a variety of market conditions since opening in late 1997." Morningstar.com William Samuel Rocco 06/28/11
This fund remains a terrific source of wide-ranging international exposure and is an excellent foreign offering for the long term. Morningstar.com William Samuel Rocco 06/04/11
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