What are the Litman Gregory companies?

Litman Gregory Fund Advisors, LLC, was founded in 1996 and is the Advisor to the Litman Gregory Masters Funds and is an affiliate of three other Litman Gregory Companies:

  • Litman Gregory Asset Management, LLC was founded in 1987 and manages money for high net worth individuals and families as well as foundations, endowments and company retirement plans.
  • Litman Gregory Research Inc. was founded in 1989, publishes the No-Load Fund Analyst investment research publication.
  • Litman Gregory Analytics, LLC was founded in 2000 and operates Advisor Intelligence, a web-based investment research service for financial advisors.

Since 1987 Litman Gregory and its affiliates have researched, analyzed and written about hundreds of stock picking teams and mutual funds and put their ideas to the test by designing and successfully investing in portfolios of funds. Drawing on insights gained from years of evaluating and analyzing mutual funds, Litman Gregory Fund Advisors, LLC was formed in 1996 to oversee the Litman Gregory Masters Funds' operations.

Ken Gregory and Jeremy DeGroot share responsibility at Litman Gregory for overseeing the Litman Gregory Masters Funds. Ken Gregory is a Trustee of the Trust. He is also co-founder of Litman Gregory and Chief Investment Strategist of Litman Gregory Asset Management. Jeremy DeGroot, CFA, is Chief Investment Officer of Litman Gregory Asset Management and joined the firm in 1999.

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