How does Litman Gregory fulfill its commitment to making Litman Gregory Masters Funds a shareholder-friendly fund company?

Some of the ways we put shareholders’ interests first include:

  • In all that we do with respect to Litman Gregory Masters Funds, our overriding decision criteria focuses on the benefit to shareholders.
  • We communicate thoroughly and honestly with our shareholders.
  • We work hard to continue to reduce fund expenses.
  • We pass through all cost savings to shareholders.
  • We have introduced meaningful fee breakpoints on the portion of the management fees we are paid, of our own volition.
  • We have committed to “soft closing” our funds (in which we stop accepting new shareholder relationships) at relatively low asset levels, and we have followed through when individual funds have reached these levels.
  • We and our independent trustees have invested significant amounts of our personal assets in the Litman Gregory Masters Funds. These amounts are disclosed in our shareholder reports.
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