Litman Gregory Fund Advisors Commitment to Shareholders

We are deeply committed to making each Litman Gregory Masters Fund a highly satisfying long-term investment for shareholders. In following through on this commitment we are guided by our core values, which influence four specific areas of service:

First, we are committed to the Litman Gregory Masters Funds concept.

  • We will only hire managers who we strongly believe will deliver exceptional long-term returns. For our equity funds, we base this belief on extremely thorough due diligence research. This not only requires us to assess their stock picking skills, but also to evaluate their ability to add incremental performance by investing in a concentrated portfolio of their highest-conviction ideas.
  • We will monitor each of the managers so that we can maintain our confidence in their ability to deliver the long-term performance we expect. In addition, our monitoring will seek to assess whether they are staying true to their Litman Gregory Masters Funds mandate. Consistent with this mandate we focus on long-term performance evaluation so that the Masters managers will not be distracted by short-term performance pressure.

Second, we will do all we can to ensure that the framework within which our managers do their work further increases the odds of success.

  • Investments from new shareholders in each fund are expected to be limited so that each fund's asset base remains small enough to retain flexibility to add value.
  • The framework also includes the diversified multi-manager structure that makes it possible for each manager to invest, when appropriate,¬†in an opportunistic manner knowing that the potential volatility within his or her portfolio will be diluted at the fund level by the performance of the other managers. In this way the multi-manager structure seeks to provide the fund-level diversification.
  • We will work hard to discourage short-term speculators so that cash flows into the funds are not volatile. Lower volatility helps prevent our managers from being forced to sell stocks at inopportune times or to hold excessive cash for non-investment purposes. This is why years ago we implemented a 2% redemption fee for the first 180 days of a shareholder's investment in any of our funds.

Third, is our commitment to do all we can from an operational standpoint to maximize shareholder returns.

  • We will remain attentive to fund overhead, and whenever we achieve savings we will pass them through to shareholders. For example, we have had several manager changes that resulted in lower sub-advisory fees to our funds. In every case we have passed through the full savings to shareholders in the form of fee waivers.
  • We will provide investors with a low minimum, no-load, no 12b-1 Institutional share class for all Litman Gregory Masters Funds, and a low-minimum no-load Investor share class for the Equity Fund and International Fund.
  • We also will work closely with our¬†managers to make sure they are aware of tax-loss selling opportunities (only to be taken if there are equally attractive stocks to swap into). We account for partial sales on a specific tax lot basis so that shareholders will benefit from the most favorable tax treatment. The goal is not to favor taxable shareholders over tax-exempt shareholders but to make sure that the managers are taking advantage of tax savings opportunities when doing so is not expected to reduce pre-tax returns.

Fourth, is our commitment to communicate honestly about all relevant developments and expectations.

  • We will continue to do this by providing thorough and educational shareholder reports.
  • We will continue to provide what we believe are realistic assessments of the investment environment.

Our commitment to Litman Gregory Masters Funds is also evidenced by our own investment. Our employees have, collectively, substantial investments in the funds, as does our company retirement plan. In addition, we use the funds extensively in the client accounts of our investment advisor practice (through our affiliate Litman Gregory Asset Management, LLC). We have no financial incentive to do so because the fees we receive from Litman Gregory Masters Funds held in client accounts are fully offset against the advisory fees paid by our clients. In fact, we have a disincentive to use the funds in our client accounts because each Litman Gregory Masters Fund is capacity constrained (they may be closed as mentioned above), and by using them in client accounts we are using up capacity for which we may not be paid. But we believe these funds offer value that we can't get elsewhere and this is why we enthusiastically invest in them ourselves and on behalf of clients.