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The Alternative Strategies Fund makes its Q2 Distributions ›› read more  
Pictet Asset Management added as a sub-advisor to the Litman Gregory Masters International Fund. ›› read more  
Morningstar says our Alternative Strategies Fund "remains a standout choice in the category for its access to a solid mix of diversified strategies run by proven managers." ›› read more  
Alternative Strategies Fund Commentary: The fund’s modest first quarter gain wasn’t one for the history books, but it was a fairly satisfying result given the context of challenging and volatile global markets, and largely disappointing returns for alternative strategies. ›› read more  
Equity Fund Commentary: The equity fund lagged the benchmark and its peer group this quarter. The effects of sector allocation and stock selection were limited; however, stock picking was weakest in technology and health care, as several holdings suffered large double-digit declines. ›› read more  
International Fund Commentary: The International Fund’s large weighting to Europe detracted from relative performance as emerging markets bested developed markets. However, stock selection within the eurozone was strong. Stocks held in the fund outpaced the broad index, leading to a positive stock-selection effect and an overall positive active return. ›› read more  
Smaller Companies Fund Commentary: The fund performed well in the first quarter, strongly outperforming the benchmark. Two of the greatest drivers of this outperformance were stock picking in the energy sector and the fund’s long-time, significant underweight to the declining health care sector. ›› read more  
We talk with International Fund sub-advisor David Herro about his firm’s value investing process, their continued conviction in the attractiveness of European financials, and the hurdles they set when considering emerging-markets stocks. ›› read more  
We talk with Alternative Strategies Fund sub-advisor Matt Eagan about how he and his team at Loomis Sayles harvest risk premia across fixed-income cycles and elements of risk management embedded in the investment process he uses within his sleeve of the fund. ›› read more  
Litman Gregory co-founder Ken Gregory discusses what it means to be a "lifetime investor." ›› read more  
Barron's says, "Litman Gregory has been long known for its ability to choose top-notch money managers to manage portions of its mutual funds. Its newest fund focuses on alternative strategies."
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How We Seek to Identify Great Active Managers: Litman Gregory's Jack Chee discusses our manager research process, stressing the need to clearly understand a manager's investment process and what makes that manager great. ›› read more  
The Current State of the Alternatives Landscape & Our Fund's 3-Year Performance: A Q&A with Litman Gregory's Jeremy DeGroot and Ken Gregory ›› read more