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The Alternative Strategies Fund makes its Q3 distributions ›› read more  
We talk with Alternative Strategies Fund sub-advisor Matt Eagan about how he and his team at Loomis Sayles harvest risk premia across fixed-income cycles and elements of risk management embedded in the investment process he uses within his sleeve of the fund. ›› read more  
Litman Gregory co-founder Ken Gregory discusses what it means to be a "lifetime investor." ›› read more  
2015 Semi-Annual Report ›› read more  
Barron's says, "Litman Gregory has been long known for its ability to choose top-notch money managers to manage portions of its mutual funds. Its newest fund focuses on alternative strategies."
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Our Shareholder Letter shares our analysis and return expectations for stocks and bonds for the next five+ years and includes how we've tactically positioned our own private client portfolios as a result.
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We are removing Wellington Management as a subadvisor to the Litman Gregory Masters International Fund. ›› read more  
We talk with International Fund sub-advisor Mark Little about how he accesses new ideas, the three types of stocks he looks for, and what, if any, impact he's seeing from shorter-term events such as the strong dollar and oil price decline.›› read more  
Morningstar calls our Alternative Strategies Fund "A Cut Above" other funds in its category
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International Fund Video: We believe the fund’s structure and sub-advisor line-up are key to these impressive results. In this video, Litman Gregory co-founder Ken Gregory discusses this distinctive fund and its compelling record. ›› watch  
How We Seek to Identify Great Active Managers: Litman Gregory's Jack Chee discusses our manager research process, stressing the need to clearly understand a manager's investment process and what makes that manager great. ›› read more  
3 Years Later: A Look Back on Why We Created A Liquid Alternatives Fund & How We've Measured Up ›› read more  
The Current State of the Alternatives Landscape & Our Fund's 3-Year Performance: A Q&A with Litman Gregory's Jeremy DeGroot and Ken Gregory ›› read more