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Alternative Strategies Fund Commentary: Looking at the positioning across our sub-advisors, we see more caution than aggressiveness, but there are still some investment opportunities offering good risk-adjusted returns. ›› read more  
Equity Fund Commentary: The fund is meaningfully overweight to the technology sector; strong individual contributors this quarter included top-holding Visa, which gained 14.12%, and Oracle. Still, the fund has lagged its Russell 3000 Index benchmark and peers year to date. ›› read more  
International Fund Commentary: The fund outperformed its benchmarks and peers for the quarter, led by the strong outperformance of its consumer discretionary sector holdings. The consumer discretionary sector remains the fund’s largest overweight. ›› read more  
Smaller Companies Fund Commentary: Stock selection contributed to relative performance, but this was more than offset by sector allocation. The fund was hurt by its overweight to the energy sector and high cash balance (just under 12% on average). ›› read more  
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